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Full Stack Javascript Developer


Autom.io is a super passionate, pioneering legal tech and education company based in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Our mission is to help 1 million lawyers build their dream law firm so together we will revolutionise the legal industry.

We are creating a world where lawyers love their work, clients love their lawyers and lawyers love collaborating with each other. We will do this with our juicy 1-click automation software and world-class training programme, Scale Up.

Our values
  • Juicy - everything we design and create is dripping with goodness.
  • Connected - we are true to ourselves and feel close to our stakeholders.
  • Fierce - we are renegades who always find a way.
  • Free - we each have the power to think, say and do what we believe is right.
Our product

We’ve been around a while - the first version of our software product has been in use for about four years. It got us to where we are, but now it is time to start afresh. We’re about to start building a completely new software platform, incorporating everything we’ve learned about our customers’ needs. This platform will help lawyers create self-service legal products that make legal services easier and cheaper for their clients to use.

The role

We’re building a new product team too. The Head of Product is on board, technical leadership is being established, and now we need people to write some code.

It’s early days so you’ll get to be involved in establishing technical practices, architectural patterns and team routines. We’re still figuring out our tech stack but it will be based around React/Node with a healthy sprinkling of guerilla MVP tactics (we’re a startup after all). Having said that, when we build code we want to build it right. We’re talking automated testing, deployment pipelines, async programming, etc etc.

We’re looking for two developers. We’ve got a database, backend and frontend to build, so between those two people we need to cover all those layers, but if you’re a frontend or backend specialist, that’s cool too!

It goes without saying that we’ll be using agile practices, including doing lots of work with users to understand their needs, to build amazingly simple, intuitive juicy solutions! There’ll be plenty of collaboration, user research and testing, retrospectives and customer validation going on around you, and we’ll expect you to be involved in all of that.

Who we’re looking for

First and foremost, we want people with energy and enthusiasm for our business, customers and software. Positivity, collaboration and empathy all matter here.

We want people who can contribute quickly. That means you need to be able to throw yourself into our tech stack and already be comfortable with things like our source control system (GitHub), working in an agile team, and whatever IDE you use to build React/Node applications. It’s not about how many years of experience you have, it’s about competence, working independently as part of a team, and taking ownership.

The following are things that we hope you’ll have, but if you’re a bit uncertain about some of them, that’s OK - let’s talk about it.

  • You’re comfortable working across a full stack, including scoping out full stack features, estimating and delivering the frontend, backend and data-layer components.
  • You are very comfortable with Git and source control, including an understanding of when/how to use component libraries and mono-repos.
  • You have deep knowledge of Javascript development especially React and Node
  • You are familiar with functional programming techniques.
  • You are very comfortable with asynchronous programming and its pitfalls.
  • You are familiar with relational modeling within a SQL and No-SQL context.
  • You‘ve worked with Serverless frameworks and understand the tradeoffs of Serverless vs Monolithic approaches to app development.
  • You know what we mean when we talk about design patterns and SOLID principles.
  • You have a pragmatic approach to development, prioritising readable code over esoteric “clever” code and using industry standard libraries rather than obscure projects.
  • Developing unit tests and writing testable code makes you excited, not anxious.
Why it rocks to work at Autom.io
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Four-day work week (with full-time pay)
  • Flexible hours and some remote work possible
  • Great career prospects with the potential to grow along with our company
  • Creative team fizzing with energy and innovative ideas
  • Collaborative digital workspaces, with all the tools and tech you need to do your job
  • Cool Automio swag
  • Did we mention the four day week?
  • Part of a legal industry revolution!

Automio is committed to honouring diversity on our team, in our clientele and within our community. We value and respect all types of diversity including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and abilities. We believe that a diverse workplace makes our business stronger. We especially invite diverse candidates to apply.


Auckland, New Zealand

Mid, Senior




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