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Customer Operations Specialist


You love an app that makes you smile, right? Well, GooseChase was created to help people have a ton of fun. Founded at a University of Waterloo hackathon, we began with the simple idea of making scavenger hunts easy to create. Over the past 10 years, we’ve evolved into a super-flexible digital platform used by millions around the globe!

With all that fun and flexibility, we’ve been growing like crazy. For teachers in the classroom, we’re the new “TV cart”, aka the learning tool that students legitimately look forward to. For today’s workplaces, virtual or otherwise, we help teams connect with each other to the point where they want to come into (or log on) to work. And for local cities and towns, we bring families together in a way that truly builds a sense of community. From fundraisers to math lessons, virtual team events, to campus orientation weeks, GooseChase helps people create engaging, playful, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences to be enjoyed from anywhere.

So what makes our flock of geese so special?
  • We are bootstrapped & profitable with no outside investors, meaning we grow at the pace we want to, and put the time into making this the best possible place to work.

  • We’re comfortable pushing the boundaries on what work can be - we’re currently operating on a 4 day work week & we’ve been fully remote since the beginning. We want our team members to have the flexibility to live wherever and however they want. No office for us, we work from everywhere!

  • We offer ever-evolving perks based on what our team members actually want! Some of our most loved programs include quarterly profit-sharing for all full-time members, fully funded co-working space memberships, annual funds for professional and personal development, a super flexible vacation policy, and more!

  • We’re playful and a little weird! Our product is designed to help people have fun, so naturally, we’re a silly group of people! We love to play virtual games together, share our travel adventures, and use a lot of gifs, jokes, and bad puns in Slack.

So what exactly is this job?

If you’re looking to be involved in - and learn about - multiple areas of the business, this is about as good as it gets. As Customer Operations Specialist, you will be the first point of contact for new customers, connecting them with the right team member, you will be providing support to current customers with your deep knowledge of our platform, and by working with internal systems and operations data you will improve our reporting, allowing us to better serve our unique customer segments.

You’ll get an opportunity to understand the business and help the rest of the team understand the sentiment and direction of our customers. You know what they say - the first goose in the nest needs to make the best impression (we’re pretty sure this is a saying).

In terms of your day to day, you will be:

  • Responding to inbound leads in a swift and timely manner;
  • Working with our Customer Success Manager to respond to support requests effectively, always exceeding customer expectations;
  • Assisting with data driven projects to get our systems and processes humming smoothly; and
  • Staying up to date with trends and new products in our space as a competitive market expert.

How do you know if this role might be for you?

At GooseChase you’ll be working alongside a team of highly motivated, world-class people with tons of opportunities for learning, growth, and mentorship. Our entire team works closely together, so we are extremely selective about who we hire to ensure the calibre of our team remains high.

We understand that relevant experience comes in all shapes and sizes and the ability to do the job is all that matters. With that in mind, here are some specific requirements we’re looking for in our Customer Operations specialist:

  • Are you a quick learner with great organizational skills?
  • Do you get excited to work on multiple projects at one time?
  • Are you comfortable working with or learning new technologies like CRM and Marketing Automation?
  • Do you care deeply about helping customers be successful, with a willingness and flexibility to help them get there?
  • Are you a natural communicator, readily able to match the excitement and expectations of our customers?
  • Do you have very high standards for your work and desire to work with other talented people?
  • Can you get down with an uncomfortable amount of goose puns?

Ok the last one isn’t super work related, but we honestly do have a lot of goose puns. It’s one of our favourite parts of our culture!


We do things differently here. We’re all about fun, but also making an impact! We care deeply about working with amazing people, and have set up our company culture specifically for that - our compensation is competitive, our work environment is autonomous and collaborative, and our emphasis is on learning and growth. Put simply, it’s the type of company we actually want to work at ourselves!

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