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Software Engineer - Backend


bit.io is building the fastest way to get a database, query data, and share data — publicly or privately. Despite the assertion that “data has become the new oil,” the tooling around databases has not meaningfully changed in twenty years. Even with the push for big data and machine learning, a frustrated, growing cadre of data scientists and engineers have to spend too much time setting up and maintaining a basic set up just to use data. bit.io allows users to become immediately productive with data, reducing time from data upload to query to 1 minute. And, our users love it, saying “Your product is amazing”, “really love your product, maybe the best on the market”, and “I am sold on bit.io”.

bit.io’s long term vision is to become the place for all the world’s data, private and public, just like github is the place for source code. We’re building a team of passionate dataphiles to make that vision a reality and make data - especially public data - more accessible to everyone. We’ve got a ton of thorny database, infrastructure, UI, and UX problems to solve along the way. Come build it with us.

Critical toward achieving bit.io’s vision is a datastore that (1) scales to petabyte queries while still enabling fast query-iteration by users, and (2) applies data best practices while remaining flexible when opinionated defaults aren’t enough. You will build bit.io’s datastore.

As a Software Engineer at bit.io you will:
  • Work across the stack on all aspects of software engineering for the core product
  • Collaborate directly with all teammates on a small, productive technology team
  • Solve petabyte-scale problems in the data space
  • Design, build, test and deploy a complex data management system
  • Make broad, impactful technology decisions with responsibility for their outcomes
We’re looking for someone who has:
  • Shipped product
  • Experience and passion in data, data engineering, and data processing
  • Deep knowledge in data management - parsing, cleaning, querying, extracting, etc.
  • A strong drive to make software easy-to-use
The ideal backend engineering candidate will have:
  • Expertise in Python and SQL
  • Constructed APIs with technology like REST, OpenAPI, or gRPC
  • Developed with microservices and container technologies like Docker & Kubernetes
  • High proficiency in building data processing pipelines, working with structured data, and leveraging common database technologies

bit.io is an early-stage, well-funded startup that’s fully remote. We’re outcome-oriented, scientific, curious, respectful, resilient, and inclusive. In addition to competitive salary, equity, bonus, and benefits (including top-tier insurance, generous new-parent leave, and unlimited PTO), we do two unique things: (1) in order to be inclusive and to counter systemic hiring inequities, salary and equity is transparent and not negotiated — every employee with the same role and level is paid exactly the same [1]; and, (2) we have 4-day x 8-hour work weeks (i.e., no Fridays) — we value work-life balance and think you’re just as productive [2]. If you’d like to learn more about what we’re building, how we work, and how your career would develop with us, please reach out to [email protected].

[1] https://blog.bit.io/how-our-early-stage-startup-is-offering-fair-equal-and-transparent-compensation-ae582a1ad8e4 [2] https://blog.bit.io/we-have-a-four-day-work-week-and-you-should-too-795363c6202a







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